Ana GarcĂ­a del Molino

Computer Vision Scientist at ByteDance. Currently based in Singapore.

I record lots of visual content with my phone, so I could only venture into a PhD to solve the mess it generates!

About me

A. G. del Molino, J.H. Lim, A.H. Tan

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A. G. del Molino, M. Gygli

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A. G. del Molino, X. Boix, J.H. Lim, A.H. Tan

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Summarization of egocentric videos: A comprehensive survey. IEEE T-HMS 2017

A. G. del Molino, C. Tan, J.H. Lim, A.H. Tan

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What's up?

Our last paper "Predicting Event Memorability from Contextual Visual Semantics" has been accepted for presentation at NeurIPS 2021.
I joined ByteDance as a Computer Vision Scientist! I work on video content understanding for TikTok recommendation and moderation.
29th Oct.'19:
Our large-scale dataset for personalized highlight detection is now public. It contains more than 200,000 gifs from almost 14,000 users.
Jun.'17 - Sept.'17: has hired me as a research consultant! We're facilitating the generation of GIFs by providing personalized GIF suggestions.
CSumm, a large First Person View video dataset recorded with Google Glass, is now publicly available.
Feb.'17 - Apr.'17:
I'm visiting the CBMM at MIT for a few weeks.

Selected Publications